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Be the superhero of your university from day one

University life is so much more than studying hard and keeping up with your academic calendar. No matter you are a domestic student or international, it is about having the time of your life while learning skills to equip you for the future.

Aren't we all superheroes... ©YY Melbourne

Universities are not only to make you a better engineer, nurse, teacher, doctor, cook, historian, technician or lawyer but also to guide you to become the best version of yourselves as a human being to interact with people from all walks of life.

It has been tough with Covid19 however there are some good indicators that, in education, we will leave it all behind soon and move on.

You have, now, enrolled in your university and here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Attend the campus orientation online or offline!

It is your first introduction to your university to see what it has to offer. Depending on the institution you study in, it may be a one-day event or a week of multiple sessions. The orientation sessions cover how you proceed with your studies, extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, volunteering opportunities and student services.

The formula for keeping healthy is ‘SEE Well!’ Sleep, Eat, Exercise well.

Join clubs and make friends

There will be times, that you feel bored of working on your assignments meeting deadlines or getting ready for examinations. Certainly, you are not the only one. It would be best to check out the clubs available on campus. It feels great to meet other students and find out your shared interests from sports to hobbies and politics to food. While you redirect your academic stress to an entertaining area of interest and make new friends, it would also look great on your resume.

Check out the international opportunities

Almost all universities have a form of collaboration opportunities internationally. Find out what is there to pursue, what are the academic or language requirements and deadlines. It could be a semester-long exchange, one-week study tour or a full year visit. No matter how long, it is a great opportunity to experience a new culture and environment; more importantly, to be exposed to new people.

Get friendly with librarians

Libraries will be at the heart of your studies to keep up with your academic progress. A library is much more than just a quiet place to study but it is where you can get academic support. The librarians could open up the gates to access the wonders of knowledge. When you attend the orientation events make sure you pop by the library face-to-face or digitally to meet your librarians. Throughout your studies, you can get all the tips of accessing the best information to write up your assignments, listing your references, organising your thoughts without plagiarism and many more.

Keep yourself healthy

The formula for keeping healthy is ‘SEE Well!’ - Sleep, Eat, Exercise well. There will be many tasks to tap on throughout the semester however if you get the basics right, you are halfway there. It will be tiring to complete all that reading, to think critically and to write academically.

You may be away from home, in a different city or even in another country so it will be all on you to remain healthy. You can get away with a few sleepless nights but don’t make a habit of it. Having a good diet will keep you energetic so start with less fast food, more vegetables for your diet.

It is always a good idea to join the gym however you don’t have to. Walking and avoiding lifts using stairs can be great to keep your body moving.

Finally, don’t be shy about asking for help!

A genuine smile goes a long way, and it’s universal. Be curious and ask many questions! Talk to your lecturers, your friends and start with the person sitting next to or next to your box on Zoom. Be the superhero of your university from day one.


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