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About Us

World Education Plus emerged from the students' need of getting the most reliable, timely and accurate information on education and the host institutions globally.


Every day, students are exposed to information that would lead to their lifetime decision of choosing the right profession, school & university and, certainly, the right country to gain skills and experience to build their future. 

World Education Plus aims to create a community to help students with students to make their important decisions. We adopt a hands-on approach to get the students to share their educational experiences with prospective students and with those who support their dreams come true.

Whether you are an international student in your host country or a domestic student in your home country, your experience is valuable.


That's where "Plus that matters..."

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Meet The Team

Yavuz Jay Yilmazoglu is an international education expert with a background in leading education projects. He has worked for the British Council (UK) and Nuffic (Netherlands) in Turkey covering a vast range of topics, including student mobility, graduate employment, research partnerships and alumni relations.


He has a masters degree in journalism from the University of Melbourne. He has worked with Australian universities on different education projects and has volunteered to support international students in Australia.


Jay is based in the Netherlands, providing consultancy services for universities and schools to support their international strategies and guiding students and their parents in their educational journeys.


He is leading the work of World Education Plus to create a community of students to support each other to make their aspirations a reality.

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